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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 14, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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the story of why that didn't set well with one officer. >> he is the heartbreak kid. meet the 5-year-old super fan behind the viral video. >> why do you like jeremy lin so much? >> an ad starts to get big buzz. >> know what th isdon't, you'reo find out. >> they needed to name it like 18 again. >> the 2012 pikes creek vase in the books. they go up as fast as they can. here is what it looks like when it goes very, very wrong. >> oh no! >> that is jeremy foley and his
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codriver tumbling down the side of the mountain. about seven times the car rolls and sheds part as it goes. >> these cars are built for this, it's just the outer shell. >> yes, and you look inside you can see the teenage of the car. that's the most important part it jeremy walked away, got out of the car under his own power. his co-driver had a injured shoulder, they were both taken to the hospital and released later that day. >> can you imagine what that feels like to just and not know when you will stop. >> and there are rocks the side of the car. >> once the skep ton is exposed, those rocks could do serious
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damage to them. shocking video during an intense scene in turkey. you clearly hear four gunshots and you see a police officer shooting into this crowd of feel at this intersection. >> i can't tell what is going on. >> there's a lot going on in this story, let me explain it. a news agency in turkey is reporting that a 17-year-old unlicensed driver ran into a parked police car at this intersection. of course when you hit the police, they begin filing a report. the driver and his two passengers were upset, so they start to object before this, police fired their guns into the air and used pepper spray. you see a guy with a chair, raise it at an officer like he
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will attack the officer, and the officer starts shooting into the three men. after that you see the people react. >> oh my gosh. >> four people were shot from this police officer. they were all taken to the hospital. the driver and one passenger were wounded in the leg. a passer by was injured from a ricochet bullet. another passenger in the car was shot in the stomach and died. you can see that person, he pulls up his shirt, and is looking at the officer like "you shot me." an investigation has been launched in regards to this incident, but an official apparently came out and said that the police officer was trying to protect himself from this guy with the chair. >> it does seem so strangely reckless because there are so
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many bystanders. >> all for just a traffic accident. >> we're going to take a little trip to the ghost of galviston, texas. >> this could be equal to the scene in "sixth sense." >> we're all seeing dead fish. >> thousands and thousands of dead shad washed up on the shores of the west end of galveston. it got so hot, so fast, that it caused ox again leveygen levels.
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>> where are the seagulls when you need them? >> people are still partying, look, they have canopies out and everything. >> not a lot of people there, looks kind of dead. >> the video i'm about to show you took place in russia at a german factory, and you will not believe what you're about to see. that is a furnace, and look at the people walking around. >> whoa! >> what is that stuff, hot liquid? >> molten metal. >> there is another guy back there that took cover because if it had laned on it him it would have killed him. >> some people were injured, they come back in and see okay, what's the damage?
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>> it is amazing to me that no one seems to be that concerned at the beginning. they didn't think something like this could happen? it's bizarre to watch, everybody seems very calm. >> this is what shocked me the most, some guy runs over it, he must have had some heavy shoes on. and look, you still see stuff falling. >> that's incredible. >> it's a video that nick can't get enough of. >> it's got everything from bikes to boobs. >> and a guy in a pink cape doing stuff. >> you know it's going to be epic. and a boat race with a bit of a mishap. >> apparently this guy was headed straight for a bunch of
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i'm about to show you pure emotion. >> what's the matter? >> did you hear that? this is 5-year-old niem, and he is really upset because he heard that jeremy lin is trading the knicks. >> they didn't trade him, they just didn't sign him. >> why didn't they sign him? >> this video has gotten thousands and thousands of hits. it even made it's way to jeremy lin. it did, jeremy lin skyped with him and his father >> oh my god, what a great treat. >> he said he is going to miss
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watch you playing for the knicks. >> i'm going to miss you too, but you need to still root for them because they're great with or without me, all right? >> to find out how this felt, we have them on skype. why do you like jeremy lin so much? >> he's the greatest player in the wo -- nation. >> his manager reached out to us, and it was just going to be a phone conversation, and i said i don't think he is going to believe me if i say here is the phone, here is jeremy lin. so i asked if it was okay to have a skype meeting or something like that, and she said yeah, i think that's okay. >> are you still sad that lin went to the other team or are
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you over it? >> i moved on. >> good luck with the knicks season, niem. >> okay! best video of the day. it's got everything from bikes, to boobs -- >> that's really the optimal outfill to clan up a bike because you don't want to wear a lot of clothes, you need to wear the least amount possible. >> this is put together by a group of people who do stunts and make films. this is to advertise their new show "explode." they take the bike out and you realize that he either has no skill, or the pike she riding is not up to par. so he is pulling off all of these rad stunts on this crappy old bike -- >> he face planted!
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that cape doesn't work! >> good thing he had a helmet on. >> i don't understand what i am watching. am i going to watch a goon in a pink cape not do stunts very well? >> you don't understand what you're watching and i can't take my eyes off of it, i love it. here is a grand finale. >> that is ridiculous. >> it had to be hard to walk in the hand in those heels. >> yeah, that's just pure awesome. >> you're welcome. >> around the island boat race happens every year in beautiful bermu bermuda. this guy is going first and this is what it's supposed to look like. standard, a guy whizzing by. watch the next guy who has a
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mishap -- ♪ >> bangs into one of those pylons, gets knocked off course, and apparently this guy was headed straight for a bunch of rocks, but their crediting his awesome piloting skills, he was able to reverse course and get out of there and save himself. >> and some of the speck tailors. >> yeah, luckily he didn't hurt them head on. >> this guy got lucky. >> it looks like your average run of the mill toy plane. >> there is nobody flying this plane right now. >> it may not look like much, but it took the guys at mit to make it. this cat goes to college, see how he gets in. a cat video and some bad jokes.
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auto pilot features have been in planes for years, and it's just cruise control for the plane. but the guys at mit are taking if further.
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we have seen drones be able to fly by themselves, but what makes this more unique is the speed and tolerances of a plane flying by itself are much different than a helicopter that flies slowly. there is nobody flying this plane right now. it is flying by itself. >> i have a question about that, though. drones are all remote control. there's not a guy behind a camera flying this thing is this. >> the plane is flying by itself. >> we designed it to be able to maneuver in confined spaces. there are yellow points that are obstacle obstacles, and the blue are free space. >> it can see using a number of different things and it can map out the room as it flies. it knows where it's going.
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they took it a step further, and they took it to a parking garage, and they took it there and it never hit anything. >> whether you like robots or not, that's impressive. >> doggy beer run. >> good boy, did you shut the door? >> have a little product to tell you about, and i want you to watch this ad and tell me what you think this product might be. >> for like a ballroom dance class? >> i know exactly what this is for. >> i feel like a virgin.
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18 again, vagina tightening. it's called 18 again, and it's the first vagina tightening and rejuvenating gel. this is the first natural vaginal tightening and rejuvenating gel. what makes it effective is the soft pink color, texture, and lubrication -- >> do you put this on and overtime the man notices a difference? >> yeah, i think it's like a wrinkle cream, over time it -- >> go to our website and click "best of rtm" to see more. >> in a place where nearly 40%
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of high school students don't graduate, the story of a school where nearly all get a diploma. >> when i need help i come to him. >> see why this school may be in
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this accident closed a roadway and a restaurant. you're looking at video from north charleston south carolina, where this video caught fire and
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spread to the building it crashed into. >> the back of the car looks cool. >> not for long, these car fires are so hard to put out because there is so much flammable stuff, the fire department can't get there asap. >> i'm sorry for restaurant owner. it was a car fire that informs the parking lot. >> is it a bbq restaurant? >> today's special, flame boiled, whatever. >> saul of our vegetabled are roasted tonight, half off. with a nice taste of windshield watcher fluid. >> students at the university of southern california put together a short documentary for a pretty
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remarkable cause. in the year 2012, 38.4% students did not graduate in the los angeles unified school district. there is a woman who created the los angeles community high school that would help the students that were kicked out or dropped out of the schools in the los angeles school district. the students who came to los angeles community high school, 93 got a diploma. they would have any number of problems, and for whatever reason, they could get kicked out of public schools. >> it show cases some of the people that this school helped. >> she helped me succeed in life and do things i wanted to do. if it wasn't for her i would not have graduated. >> it has an incredible purpose.
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the los angeles community high school is about to close it's doors due to lack of funding. >> you're kidding. is it a private school? a charity? why is it not getting funds like other schools. >> this entire school is privately funded, and this is about to raise awareness about the issues. people across the country don't necessarily know about this school. >> every time i need help they come here and help me. >> the hope is to raise awareness and get people to contribute and donate. we spoke to one of the creators, hunter kubric. >> we want people to be aware of these schools and find out how much they really benefit these kids. we have a 93% graduation rate,
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and and we really think we can solve this. >> looks like somebody didn't like the lesson here at the university for peace in san jose, costa rica. do you see why? out of nowhere, a cat falls from the ceiling. maybe the cat has issue on what's being taught today. the cat falls, does a back flip, and then parts of the ceiling tile land on him. >> it was raining outside? >> i do not know, some commenters are saying this could have been like a cat was on an assassination attempt, and then it aborted the mission. >> they're saying a cat burglar.
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>> it fell on it's side. it got back up in less than a second. >> that's great, i love it. poor cat. >> genie discovered that exercising your dog is a good thing within and she drove 200 miles to capture her dog bailey doing this. that's it for the show today, we're going to leave you with more bailey having fun in the water. we'll see you next time. ♪
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>> maury: the incredible drama on "maury." no more denial. it end right here. with the blinding truth. michael claims that karen stole his virginity by force. >> ripped my clothes off. threw me on the bed and stole my virginity! >> maury: he claims she is putting a


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